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Inclement Weather and Practice Cancelations

Because mountain biking is an outdoor sport, scenarios likely arise where practice plans need to change or be canceled on the day of practice. We appreciate that everyone has busy schedules, and it is best to have any changes published as soon as possible. It is also a reality that sometimes the weather predictions are wrong, and if we make a call too early, we may be unduly missing an opportunity to practice.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Changes or cancellations will be announced viA TEAMSNAP at least 90 min before practice. When possible, every effort will be made to publish the change even sooner. 

  • Lightning—In the event of lightning, our insurance (and safety common sense) requires us to wait one-half hour after each lightning/thunder event until we proceed with practice. Usually, these events are accompanied by rain, so lightning and thunder almost always mean the cancellation of practice.

  • Rain alone may or may not cancel the practice. Rain almost always means trail closures, but it does not necessarily mean we have to cancel practice. We may move the practice to a location with less vulnerable trails, gravel, or roads.  We will ride in light rain as long is it does not put riders in an unsafe situation or jeopardize trails.

  • Regarding weather, our first concern is the safety of riders, and every precaution will be taken to ensure that safety.

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