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Athlete Registration for the 2024 Season opens on 4/1/2024

We are so happy you are here!  We have a limited number of slots available for new riders in the 24-25 Season. New Rider Registration is approved on a first-come-first-served basis to ensure we have a proper coach-to-rider ratio and can provide the best experience for each of our athletes.

NEW RIDERS: Complete the RIDER REQUEST FORM by clicking the button below


Once registration opens, riders will receive an email with registration information and instructions.  Emails will be sent in order of registration until all slots are filled. Past Participants are automatically approved. 

RETURNING RIDERS: Complete the RETURNING RIDER FORM by clicking the button below


Registration information will be provided upon completion of the form. Thank you for coming back for another great season on the trails! 

Team Dues

• 2024 LMTB Team dues are $150 for each rider
**Team dues include a team performance practice t-shirt, safety and coach training  costs, race food, safety and first aid supplies **

  • The MCA fee is $100

  • All 4 (plus State Final if qualified) races can be purchased at once for $150 (Superpass) or  $50 / race.  (The Superpass is well worth the value saved).  Race registration closes on August 1, 2024. No late entries allowed.

•   We have scholarships available to offset the cost of the fees. We don't want fees to prevent riders from being on trails.  Please inquire at to learn if your rider qualifies.

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