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Volunteer Opportunities

LMTB is 100% volunteer-led,  and we cannot do it without YOU!​


LMTB also has a strong belief that we need to GIVE BACK to the trails and organizations that support us.​


EVERYONE should plan to volunteer throughout the season.  We have many ways to help out to fit your needs and schedules!

Team Volunteer Roles

We NEED your help!  Please consider helping our team be the greatest team for our athletes.  We have the following roles needing to be filled for the season.  If you have questions, contact​​


Assist with Attendance 

Ensure later arriving riders get to their group

Communicate with parents in the event of injury or early practice completion of student-athlete


Help athletes navigate race grounds

Help athletes with stage timing

Solicit volunteers for MCA volunteer opportunities

Place emphasis on nutritional foods being available to racers


Develops ideas for fundraising

Communicates plans for fundraising to the Team

Manages Fundraising Efforts and Communication

Works with Finance person to determine how much/level of fundraising is needed early on in season

Cuyuna camping weekend coordinator

Communicate plan to Team (dates, location, waiver, etc.)


 Organize food (menu and cooks)

Organize rides (meet up time, location, plan)

MCA  Volunteer Requirements

The MCA puts on fun, safe, and rewarding races for our team to participate in. These races are almost 100% volunteer-led. To give back to the community, we ask that each family volunteer at least three times throughout the race season at the various venues. Information and signup are posted here.



Team Coaches

All riders on our team have many opportunities to meet their goals with the help of our volunteer coaches.

Coaches range from recreational riders to top racers to parents who just started mountain biking. Some of them spend crazy amounts of time biking. Depending on their coach level, they attend leader summits, seminars, bike skills, camps, first aid, CPR, and Wilderness training to prepare for our season. All in the hope that they can share their lifelong love of the sport with your children.

We are grateful to all our coaches for their different perspectives and experiences.

If you are interested in coaching with our team, please contact us. We would love to have you!

MCA Information Link:

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