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Lakeville MTB Jersey Orders

First store CLOSES May 8th

the store will reopen for New Riders and additional orders

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We are very excited to open our jersey store for the 2024 season! Thank you Coach Andy Wood for working very hard on our new designs. They are amazing and I am sure you will think so too.


This year, there is one jersey for both North and South.

To race - you are REQUIRED to wear a team jersey.  Shorts must be black without big logos, but team shorts are not required.


Please click on the link to check it out and order your jersey 


You will notice when you get to the store website that it does say - the deadline is May 6. This is because Borah will do all orders in two-week increments. After two weeks, the store will close shortly, and Borah will produce and ship those jersey orders directly to your house. The store will reopen for any new riders and anyone who missed the May 6th deadline. 

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This store is open all season long!

**15% off Discount only for orders placed 4/23/2024 to 05/07/2024 

Code:  LMBT15

We have our new spirit wear store with our NEW LOGO!  Please click on the following link to order your spirit wear!


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