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Race Schedule

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We encourage every rider to race, whether it is for fun, for improvement, or for the podium. 


We race through the Minnesota Cycling Association.


Although there are seven race weekends, we will only participate in five races.  Our race schedule is as follows:

Race 1-  August 24/25th  Brophy Park  Alexandria, MN 

Race 2- September 7/8th Lake Rebecca Rockford, MN

Race 3- September 21/22nd Gamehaven Rochester, MN

Race 4- September 28/29th Whitetail Ridge River Falls, WI

State Championship- October 12/13th Redhead Chisholm, MN


Typically middle school races on Saturday and High School on Sunday. The league will send out detailed information before each race. We will communicate team specific information via TeamSnap.


Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What are the racing categories, and how long do they race? Elapsed time and distance of races (ESTIMATES ONLY) is usually as follows: *Race laps and times may be adjusted due to weather/trail conditions Category Elapsed Race Time* Approx Miles* 6th Grade Boys/Girls 20 to 45 min (1 lap) 4 miles 7th Grade Boys/Girls 20 to 45 min (1 lap) 4 miles 8th Grade Boys/Girls 20 to 45 min(1 lap) 4 miles Freshman Boys 40 to 60 min (2 laps) 8 miles Freshman Girls 40 to 60 min (2 laps) 8 miles JV2 Girls 40 to 60 min (2 laps) 8 miles JV2 Boys 40 to 60 min (2 laps) 8 miles JV3 Girls 60 to 90 min (3 laps) 12 miles JV3 Boys 60 to 90 min(3 laps) 12 miles Varsity Girls Under 90 min (4 laps) 16 miles Varsity Boys Under 90 min (4 laps) 16 miles

What should the athlete bring to a race? Before the race: Comfortable clothing in layers, rain gear (as needed), blankets (as needed), rugged and/or water-resistant shoes, folding chair (optional), healthy snacks and non-caffeinated drinks to keep energy up and stay hydrated before the race During the race: Bike: the right size and in good working order (check ABCDs: Air in tires, Brakes are working, Chain is clean and in working order, Derailleur is switching gears successfully). Properly fit helmet: without dents or cracks (required). Team uniform. Race plates: Affix the race plate to the front of the bike with twist ties, pipe cleaners, or zip ties. Affix back plate to the back of the student athlete’s jersey using safety pins. Appropriate footwear: flat-bottomed shoes with rubber grips or bike-specific shoes with built-in cleats (if riding “clipped in”) Safety glasses (recommended): clear or tinted polycarbonate lenses that will not shatter upon impact Emergency bike repair kit (recommended): tube, small pump or CO2 cartridges, spare master links (for bike chain), tire levers, multi tool After the race: Change of clothing (think layers!) and energy to cheer on your teammates!

What should spectators bring to a race? Comfortable walking and/or hiking shoes, preferably water-resistant (our grassy infields are often dewy upon arrival in the mornings; weather can be unpredictable as well!) Healthy snacks and drinks (many of our venues have food vendors, but it can be unpredictable) Folding chair Sun protection Camera (optional) to take in the action. The league has a professional photographer taking photos at races for purchase later. Layered clothing. Be ready for wide temperature and/or weather changes within a single day. Backpack (optional) can be handy for stashing extra clothes, food, etc. Insect repellant NOTE: if you bring a bike, you must wear a helmet any time you have a leg over the bar Please remember: spectators may NOT walk on the course at any time. Follow the rules for the safety of our student athletes: never cross the course tape; only cross at designated intersections.

Can I bring my dog? Dogs on a leash are permitted in the infield. Owners are expected to maintain control of the dog at all times (including barking control) and to clean up after their pet. Primary concerns are the safety of the racers, team support, and spectators.

What should student athletes do when they first arrive to the race venue? Students should arrive at least Student-athletes should meet with their coaches and team members at their team tent and await instructions regarding where to warm up and when/where to report for staging.

Are there bathrooms at the race venue? Yes, there are portable bathrooms on site. You may wish to bring your own hand sanitizer.

How does scoring work? There are individual and team scoring. Student‐athletes compete against others in the same category. Individual scoring is divided into Divisions I and II only when they are racing in separate categories, e.g., Freshman Boys Division I and Freshman Boys Division II are scored separately; JV3 Boys Division I and Division II are scored together. Points are awarded to all race finishers. Overall series scoring for individuals is an average of all the regular‐season race results a rider could have completed plus their individual score from the Season Finale. Team scores are calculated based on the points earned by 8 or 4 student‐athletes depending on the division and category. High School Division I scoring is based on the top‐8 point‐earners, with a minimum of 2 point‐earners scoring in the girls categories. High School Division II and Middle School scoring is based on the top‐4 point earners, with a minimum of 1 point earners scoring in the girls categories. More detailed information can be found on the MCA rules and regulations book.

How many other teams are there? Over 70 teams from across the state come together and compete, cheer on their friends and make life-long memories. All teams are co-ed, there are no try outs and everyone participates.

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